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Chicago costume help PLEASE [14 Sep 2002|12:53pm]
So I'm being Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta Jones) from the movie Chicago for Halloween. I went to Boston yesterday in search of a costume but was not successful. I found fishnet sleeves, fine fishnet tights, and a wig. The wig looks AWFUL. I think I have to cut it or restyle it. I could not find a costume that remotely resembles Velma's. I'm thinking I have to learn how to sew. I just have to find a regular flapper outfit and sew some sequenze onto it, right? As for the shoes, I have a pair of Mary Janes at home I can just spray paint silver. And there's no way a pair of thigh highs will stay up on my legs without a garter belt.

Does anyone know how I would go about making or altering an outfit to look like this hot little number? Or where I could find a similar outfit at a decent price?
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