January 26th, 2003

new to the community

Hey I'm new to the community. I'm friends with the "creator" of the journal. I'm really into chicago. I've seen it once on broadway but I've been listening to the songs since I was really little. I just love the plot and the music but I think its the dancing that makes the musical really special! I mean the dancing is just really unique and out there and flashy! I recently saw the movie. I have to say it did the musical justice althought they did take some musical numbers out. But its still really impressive. And its now my new favorite movie. I'm just really impressed with the singing and acting and dancing that was used in the movie. But I think I'll always love the broadway version a tad bit more. My favorite character from the mucical would have to be Roxy. I just think that its so funny that she has to pretend to be this little modest weekling in the court room but shes really a bombshell. Also she just has this presence that is just so corky. So she would have to be my favorite.
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