March 30th, 2003


I saw it again!!!

I saw Chicago again! It is even better the 2nd time! I want to go see it again!!!!!
We got there late, so we had to sit in the 3rd row. The 1st time I went I saw it from the very last row. So maybe next time i'll see it in the middle, i just can't wait till it comes out on DVD!!!
I noticed new things, like all the murders in Cell Block Tango(my favorite number) had red scarves, except for the Hungarian. How weird it is to see Richard Gere(sp?) singing and dancing. How great CZJ is in it, and how cute that one dark guy who annoucnes all the acts in Roxy's mind.
Yeah! I love Chicago!
What songs are in the broadway musical that they left out of the movie? I love the movie soundtrack, what is the one from the broadway show like?
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