July 30th, 2003

[[nicole & drink]]

he ran into my knife TEN TIMES

well first off, i would like to introduce myself... my name is tiffany and i'm excited to be on this list!! i'm really looking forward to getting to know fans of musicals... esp. chicago fans =) so yes, a little bit about me... i plan to be a theatre major, well i'm about to attend university of texas in austin (i live in houston) and they don't offer musical theatre but they offer theatre and dance...... okay so that's not the point- but yes, while in houston, i've been volunteering at the hobby center (through TUTS) and the past two weeks i've been doing a bunch of office stuff for them and they've given me stuff (it's soo cool) like a throughly modern millie poster and a WHOLE bunch of old playbills... okay onto my point, tonite i'm going to be volunteering at the store since tonite is..... CHICAGO!!! whoohooo so i'll be able to see it... wowowowowowow heehee i'm sooo excited so i will have to come back online and tell y'all about it tonite. i'm really excited because i LOVE the movie, the soundtrack, and the revival cd 1996, so seeing it on stage will be AWESOME!! whoohoo. well hope to make lots of friends an dyou can add me if you like just let me know so i can add you too. ^^ <3 tiff
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