November 22nd, 2003


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So tonight was the talent show. It was the first one, and I will say for a fact. IT ROCKED! Hehehe... I mean... so... okay... some of the acts didn't really need to be there, but a lot of them were really cool!

Eventually it was me and Jenny's time to go up. If you forgot, or just never read, or maybe I never POSTED... hehe.. she and I did "Class" from Chicago, and my friend Joyce did the piano accompaniment for us. Anyway... so we're behind the curtain, and Vivianna has got the crowd riled up... and they're singing along with her and all sorts of stuff... and so... me and Jen are like... alright cool. WE FOLLOW the act that EVERYONE LOVES.

And we're up.. and it's a slow start.. nothing too great. (By the way.. Joyce is awesome on the piannno!)

Then the whole 'ass' thing goes.. and it kinda got light laughter and I'm thinkin' oh this is the wronnnnng crowd to be singin' to. And then... it happens. We end our verse and start the chorus, and they're really listening to the words, and they're CRACKING UP! It's awesome. And... it's funny, cause the song became like.. a... I dunno... man bashing song. Because the girls would clap everytime we said something horrible a guy, and then not hear what we say about girls. It's pretty funny, still. They loved it.

I kept looking at Jenny almost in SHOCK. hehehe... it was awesome. =P I'm proud of us! hehehe.. GO JEN! GO JOYCE! GO ME! hahaha.. Oh I keed. =P

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p.s. Sorry if some of it doesn't make sense.. I took a lot of it from the journal entry that I wrote about it... too lazy to re-write it. Just thought I'd tell you guys about it!