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Hey everybody. I just saw the touring cast in Miami, Fl. Can anyone say "Oh my god, Terra MacLeod?" Anyone else fans of hers here? Haha it was really great. I've seen the movie but this touring cast was so strong I enjoyed it more. :) The Billy Flyn was also amazing. His name escapes me right now, but the people I went with know him distantly, dad's best friend's brother in law or something like that.

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I'm new

I just saw the musical Caberet recently- (bob fosse version with Shirley maclaine.) I think that the dancing in the "big spender" number, was creepy. Does anyone know if a remake was done with chicago style dancing? thanks
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Hey, I'm new.
I've seen Chicago (the film version) plenty of times. It was even on television last night. And i saw the musical in the west end last year.
But anyhoo, i was wandering if anyone knows the style of dance used in the musical.
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Hey Guys

Hey, I'm Daisy, I'm fourteen, I know i'm quite young, but i'm really into musicals, i've seen both Chicago on stage and the movie, I think Chicago's really good, I hope ot have fun here!

Anyone know where I can find chicago screen caps?
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Just saw Chicago yesterday in the West End. Absolutley LOVED it! The stage show was so much better than the movie!

Any way, I was wondering, does anyone happen to have any pictures of Lynda Carter (of Wonder Woman fame) as Mama?