Hello. I'm new here and I'm a big fan of Chicago. I just was wondering, and this question may have already been answered, but does anyone know what Hunyak was saying in Cell Block Tango? I just wanted to know what her story was...if anyone can help me out, t'would be truly appreiciated. Thanks!
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and all that jazz

Hey I'm Curtis. I just joined. I just got this Chicago Live poster at an auction for 90 bucks. It has autographs on it but the only ones that I can read are Mark Anthony Taylor and Jennifer West. Anybody know these people?

Je pose une question!!

Mmk. Hello. I just joined and I have a question.

So for FTC (Florida Theatre Conference), I am considering doing a solo musical thing. And my first reaction was to do a song from Chicago. HOWEVER! I need the music but with no vocals. Does anyone know where I can find this? And I would prefer the music from the movie soundtrack because I know it better.
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Hey, i'm new..

Hey everyone. My name is Ellen -13*f*fl
I saw Chicago for the first time on DVD about 3 weeks ago, and now i am ADDICTED to it. Renee and Catherine are amazing! Anyway, the reason i decided to finally watch it is becuz in my Chorus Class in school, we are singing n' dancing to "All That Jazz" n' "razzle Dazzle Em'" So, that is what started the whole thing. I didn't realize Renee was such a great actress. Now she is one of my faves.
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