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hey! i love chicago!! i was obsessed with the play before the movie came out but now my obsession has doubled! i like the movie alot! but it is missing some key songs from the musical! so i like both in two different ways! how about everyone else? musical or movie??
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hey everyone, im new, i love Chicago, its such an amazing movie, i love everything about it...so yeah, its nice to meet all of you, oh and i just made some Chicago icons, here are a few samples, if you want to see the rest, join my icon LJ [iconxbrothel, just friend me], credit would be cool...thanks guys, bye!... Jenni


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so, i sang "roxie" for showchoir solo competitions this year.
i competed at three different places.
at the first place, i won.
at the last place, which was last weekend, i got a whole lot of points knocked off because my song was deemed "inappropriate" for several reasons.

what do you think?

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Hi, Im' Melissa, 22 yr old lesbian from Ohio.

Love the musical; its one of my faves.

My sister's dance team did the Cell Block Tango in a competition and did VERY well with it. It was trippy

omfg!! I'm finally seeing Chicago!!!!!

Yay! Chicago is finally coming to Detroit this month and I'm going to see it on the 24th!!!

I love my best friend so much! (in a friendly way ofcourse) She got me tickets!! I can't wait! I hope they have the "I didn't do it" t-shirts. lol
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